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    At Arlindo's Way, we embody a lifestyle dedicated to healthy aging, deeply integrated with the transformative principles of the Blue Zones. Our commitment is to cultivate a community where living with high quality of life is the priority, guided by key principles such as natural movement, eating well, living with purpose, and joy.


    Our goal is to see every individual becoming healthier, happier, more motivated, and at peace.


    Drawing inspiration from the world's longest-lived people, we focus on fostering environments that naturally encourage physical activity. Whether it's through gardening, dancing, walking, or our specialized Arlindo's Way movement programs, our activities are intentionally designed to be functional, motivational, and natural. We also embrace the '80% Rule' in our diet, focusing on the mindful eating of real, whole foods.


    Central to our community are the values of belonging, love, and finding the right tribe. We invite our clients and the broader community to actively participate in our Blue Zone project, significantly contributing to a life that's not only longer but also more fulfilling. Key aspects of our philosophy include stress reduction, fostering a deeper connection with nature and others, practicing mindfulness, and nurturing a positive attitude towards life.


    In our community, every member is respected, accepted, and valued, evolving in an environment without comparison, competition, criticism, or judgment. Collaboration, inspiration, respect, and acceptance form the foundation of our core values.


    Join us at Arlindo's Way, and start your journey towards wellness.

  • We help our clients with...

    • Weight management
    • Decreasing or eliminating joint pain, arthritis, or other diseases
    • Increasing motivation to exercise & move
    • Improving your ability to perform daily tasks with ease
    • Achieving or maintaining a balanced diet
    • Reducing bloating or food intolerances
    • Achieving better sleep
    • Sustaining high energy throughout the day




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    Movement Coaching

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    Health Coaching


    “After breaking my shoulder, I stopped doing a lot of physical activities. I was afraid of injuring myself again and very protective of my arm. Luckily, I found Arlindo, and slowly my confidence returned. With Arlindo’s expert guidance, I discovered I was capable of more movement than I imagined and in time became much stronger. Arlindo’s strength is his ability to listen and customize a plan based on the needs and abilities of his clients. Most importantly, he brings fun and variety to his approach and makes learning how to take care of your body a real joy."


    - Lynn Nicolai -


    "My partner and I have been working with Arlindo for six months. We had the usual stiffness, aches, and pains associated with growing older and wanted to improve fitness levels, mobility, and balance which with Arlindo’s help and support we are achieving. I had a long-standing hip problem which was very painful and restrictive at times, nothing had helped until Arlindo came along and within three months my hip completely recovered. Arlindo is so knowledgeable and passionate about working with older people and treats us all as individuals with tailor-made programs. We cannot recommend him highly enough as a personal trainer and to top it all he is a lovely guy."


    - Alan Cresswell -



    "I found the program to be very beneficial. I really enjoy this way of eating and moving, it’s easy to maintain
    and I don’t feel deprived at all. Nicola has been wonderful to work with and I have already recommended her to friends
    and family. Her coaching has affected more than my health, but my daily habits
    in life and business as well. I now realise that I have the answers within me
    and by using her guidance and strategies I can achieve my goals. Having someone
    to be accountable to and to share successes with makes all the difference."


    - Natalie Creed -


    I feel very fortunate to have found Arlindo after having had two falls in 6 months. There is nothing traditional about what he does. His approach is holistic in that he understands the body is a system and all of the parts have to be working together. Exercising individual muscles doesn’t get older people where they need to go. We need to practice flexibility, response time, dynamic balance, agility. All of those things in addition to building muscle strength. And that’s what Arlindo’s unique program does.


    - Charlotte Conley -



    "This was my first health coaching experience and I’m definitely a convert. Nicola was able to help me find my motivation and give me tools and information in a way that I was able to absorb and put into practice. She was also very adept at getting me to set my own goals and make sure that I prepare for blockers and consider how I plan to achieve my goals in a kind but
    persistent way. Overall, I have felt the benefits of some simple and achievable lifestyle adjustments in just 4 weeks of working with her. Definitely recommended." 


    - Nikki Seranatne -


    "Arlindo is an effective and creative coach who is passionate – and very knowledgeable – about fitness for older folks like me. I have been much more flexible since I started working with him six months ago. I’m also a lot stronger, using muscles I’d forgotten I had. He makes a point of mixing plenty of fun with the challenges he sets, which are based on careful observation of what I am capable of doing safely. Last but not least, Arlindo is very patient: for example, the number of times I get my Left and Right sides confused would make most grown men cry. I give a big thumbs up to Arlindo!"


    - Janice Affonso -


    "Nicola really helped me analyze some of my behavior with regard to food and lifestyle choices. She also helped me deal with the feeling of general "overwhelm" in my life and time management. It was really helpful to have an outside perspective, and I've learned some new ways of eating that will hopefully help me to continue to make healthy choices going forward."


    - Alison Watt -   

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